About Us: Crafting Timeless Pet Memories Since 2021

Welcome to Boltiesd, where we've been dedicated to crafting heartfelt pet memory jewelry since our journey began on May 20th, 2021. Explore our unique collection at www.boltiesd.com. Allow me to share the personal journey that inspired our creations.

Vivian - The Heartfelt Artisan

I'm Vivian, the soulful artisan behind Boltiesd. My journey into crafting pet memory jewelry was deeply personal. Having shared my life with one cat and two dogs, their passing left a void that was both profound and poignant. In search of a tangible connection to their memory, I discovered the solace of a custom pet necklace.


This necklace became more than an accessory; it became a cherished keepsake of the love I shared with my furry friends. The idea of carrying their memory close to my heart resonated so strongly with me that I decided to share this concept with a friend. Together, we found comfort in the tangible expression of our love for our pets and envisioned extending this meaningful idea to others who shared a similar bond.

Our Craft: Handmade Pet Memory Jewelry

At Boltiesd, we believe in the power of handmade craftsmanship to honor the memories of your furry friends. Since 2021, each piece of pet memory jewelry has been carefully crafted, incorporating your pet's unique features and personality. Our creations serve as beautiful and enduring tributes, allowing your pet to remain a cherished part of your life, even after they've crossed the rainbow bridge.

Why Choose Boltiesd?

  1. A Personal Journey: Boltiesd was born from my personal experience of finding solace in a custom pet necklace, a tangible connection to the love I shared with my pets.

  2. Dedication to Quality: My meticulous craftsmanship guarantees the durability and lasting beauty of every piece.

  3. A Timeless Tribute: Our handmade pet memory jewelry is a thoughtful and enduring way to honor the special bond you shared with your pet.

  4. Gifts That Matter: Perfect for pet memorial gifts, Boltiesd provides solace and a tangible connection to your beloved pet.

Thank you for choosing Boltiesd - where our history is entwined with the love and memories we craft for you.

In loving memory, Vivian


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